You are the detective - and you must find all the vampires on the party at 6 o'clock! There are power failures here and there, giving vampires the perfect chance to kill humans. Exterminate them while the lights are off!

Controls: WASD/arrows to move, Enter to skip the talking animation, right mouse button to shoot, f to skip the rest of game.  Links don't seem to work on Itch so here they are:


Music by:

Fatal Exit:


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DarkDestinyByC (Calin Avram);



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The music and sfx are great, cool atmosphere. The music for the lights-on sections illustrates chatting people at a party in a great way :) And the lights-off OST had a simple, cool and effective drive. I liked it a lot!

Anyway, I turned your game into a top-down shooter which gave me quite high accuracy in some runs. ;)
Playing your game was a great experience to me because I have never seen such a game concept before. Thanks for making it :)

Thanks a lot!

Really like the atmosphere! The whispers make it great, the detective idea behind it is great, and the three turn timer pushes you over the "safe play mechanic".

If only the names where actually... believable. Eh, doesn't  matter. Great nonetheless!

Thanks a lot! 

Played a couple of games of this. Interesting concept for a game! Glad I could contribute some of the music for it. The detective work is done really well for a quick jam game, and the characters seem to have some degree of randomness to them. I thought it was pretty good!

Thanks :D